Back to School


Today, I had to pack for school. This was nothing new for me because I’ve done this for four years. However, this time I wasn’t excited, but instead very sad. My feeling is something that I realized is very normal. When starting anything new, it’s a very natural feeling. For undergrad, I was so excited because I had such a perfect plan, but you all remember how that worked out. This time, I don’t have a plan, and it’s scary. Even though, I am confident that God is going to work everything out for my good, I became anxious. You might be feeling the same way too. So I figured we could encourage each other.

Here’s my prayer for this upcoming year:

God, I thank you for the opportunity to learn. I thank you for being such a good, good Father, and for the plan you have for each of your children. I pray that as this upcoming school year begins, you will cover your children with your precious blood. God, I pray that all those who are anxious, have fear, or are scared that You will provide comfort to them. God, you have paved the way, and I know that You will not bring us this far just to leave us! When things get rough, please allow us to remember that you are bigger than our problems, exams, and assignments. God, I pray that we encourage all those around us. Let your light shine so that others can see and be drawn to you. God I pray that we will unapologetically live for you, and die to our flesh daily. God, I pray that you encamp your angels around your children, protect us from the plan of the enemy. The devil desires to sift your children as wheat, but you Lord God are our Father, and have good things planned for us. Allow us to know that you have created us, and therefore, we are your masterpiece. Cover the professors, and teachers, and continue to provide the knowledge necessary to teach your children. Cover every single campus, school, and classroom! Please, God, allow us to never forget you! In your mighty name, Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

Continue to trust God. I hope you all have a great year, and continue to Be His Masterpiece!

Love Y’all,





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